Click "linger" to inflate the costume, allowing the dancer the feel your presence through air and touch. Click "release" to deflate the costume, leaving your presence behind. Click as many times as you would like throughout the performance.

Live Performance:
12 March 2021 7pm EST


Feeling Distance is an interactive choreographic event conceived for the internet. The online audience will not only watch the piece live streamed, they will also have the opportunity to interact with the dancer’s costumes and provide a virtual yet physical touch to the moving bodies they are watching. When the audience clicks on the website, they will inflate or deflate the costumes, adding breath and touch as the dancers respond; creating moments of blooming and wilting, supporting and suffocating, inhaling and exhaling.

Concept & Direction: Kate Sicchio
Choreography: Kate Sicchio with dancers
Dancers: N’dea Harris, Marissa Schroeder
Technology: Kate Sicchio with Tamara Denson, Taylor Colimore
Video: Taylor Colimore
Costume Assistant: Tamara Denson
Sound Composition: Kate Sicchio with Melody Loveless
Lighting: Carrie Cox
Lighting programmer: Wes Corey
GST Technical Director: Le Lew

Thank you to Stephen Vitiello, Patrick Borgeat, Laura Stepp and others who made this work possible.